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Friday, March 23, 2007


ThreeRavens and Eclectic Circle at Cirque Macabre!

ThreeRavens and Eclectic Circle at Cirque Macabre!
Originally uploaded by xiane threeravens.

Here's a photo from my weekend adventure, vending at Cirque Macabre on March 17th, in Raleigh NC! If you explore my photostream, you'll see more photos from the night.

What a fantastic event!

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Bath and Body Folk, and all lovers of Essential Oils, PAY HEED.

Thanks to Diana Rajchel of MagickalRealism
With Di's permission, I'm copying the text of a post she made tonight at Etsy:

IFRA, the international fragrancers association, has proferred a list of 60 natural essential oils commonly used in fragrance that they are recommending a "ban" on. Why? Because Quest international among other big-name perfume companies are losing market share to people that prefer natural ingredients, and because it is much cheaper to use synthetics in perfumery.

IFRA is arguing itself blue emphasising that membership with them is "voluntary." Still, IFRA sets standards that national organizations like the FDA look to for guidelines - meaning they are moving forward the possibility that the FDA might ban rose oil, bergamot, and ginger, among others.

You can download the files here:

Perfumer Tony Burfield has some good comments:

Here is a petition and info by cropwatch, as well:

I'm fairly familiar with all the plants listed as recommended for "banning." While nearly all essential oils must be diluted to avoid photosensitivity and acidity issues, the risks indicated here are minimal and based on manipulated data. (If you feed a mouse three times its body weight in comfrey root a day for its diet, of COURSE it will develop liver problems. But feed it one tenth its body weight once a week of comfrey, no problem - data manipulated like that).

This is aimed directly at people *like* the bath and body sellers on Etsy.

I'm working on a blog post researching each and every one of the oils on this list, and it may take me a bit, but I will let you all know when it's up. Besides, in this day and age, it's fine to be able to casually discuss eugenol with your friends.

Posted at 12:34 am, March 8 2007 EST



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