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Friday, December 14, 2007


Please come to the Green and Clean Guild's Online Trunk Show!

Etsy Green and Clean Guild Trunk Show, Friday, December 14, at 6 pm EST.

Never been to an online trunk show? Well, never fear, we’ve got the details for you:

What do you need to do?
To get there:
Go to Etsy Virtual Labs:

Click on whatever room has the most people.

Guess what - you’re in!*

Online trunk shows are very different from chat, so the practices are different. So please, cooperate with these guidelines:
1. Every seller presenting at the trunk show will do a short presentation: who they are, what their stuff is, and no more than 3 items that their shop offers.
2. Please jot down your questions during the presentation - AFTER the presentation, there will be a Q&A
for all sellers.

It’s preferred that you keep all extraneous talk focused on the trunk show. However, stuff comes up. If you need technical assistance or have an immediate issue during the presentations, please privately message xiane or magickalrealism with any questions.

* You have to have an Etsy account. However, that's really quick and easy and RECOMMENDED if you don't have one already! You'll love Etsy!


Seriously, guys - this is a great way to check out the amazing bath and body goodies that my teammates and I make and sell on Etsy. I'd love to see some of you there, if you're able with such short notice!

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Sunday, December 02, 2007


Have an Organic, Recycled, Eco-Friendly Holiday!

What better time to support green businesses with handcrafted eco-friendly items than during the Winter holidays? It doesn't matter which holiday is the one you celebrate, there is no better gift to give than one that not only will delight the recipient, but will help support an indie business that is trying to do the right thing by the environment. You might even be able to teach a reluctant-to-change relative that Green Goods are awesome in their own right!

So what am I recommending this year for your shopping and gifting pleasure? Of course I went to Etsy for my choices - it's the BEST place to find your handmade goodies! An easy way to get started is to do a search with the tag "ecoetsy" - that's a Street Team dedicated to spreading the word about recycling, reducing, and recycling. You can find a quick list of their shops here:

Let's start with a gift recommendation for the kids in your life - I mean, why not get them on the eco-path early, right?

Here's a wonderful organic toddler's tee from the shop ediblebaby. She features some of her original drawings on organic cotton tees - a wonderful gift, and at fair prices too! She also has biodegradable packaging available.

Oh, man. I really want to give these to everyone I know! Remake does all sorts of recycled wares that everybody needs - little notebooks, labels, envelopes, cards - and with incredible style, too. You really can't have enough notebooks for everyday life, at least not when they're made from salvaged material that would have otherwise gone to a landfill. These are perfect for your journaling friends, or your obsessive note-taking Mom. [or me, hint hint!]

Your best friend, Mom, or Mom-In-Law really wants this. Seriously.
This bag is handmade from sustainable cork by feltsewwhimsical - all harvested cork grows back in 8-10 years to a reharvestable state, so the trees are not killed to get the material. The craftsmanship on this bag is impeccable - it even has a removable bottom insert so that the bag won't sag! Cork will protect bag contents against the weather, too, so this bag is highly useable. How lovely!

rls2131 makes delightful picture frames, completely assembled from recycled material. Each one is one of a kind and made by hand by Rebekah - and she even gives you the details about where her materials for each item came from! I really liked this whimsical Road Signs Frame, but everything in her shop is just as fun, and you're guaranteed to find something for that difficult-to-buy-for pal or relative here.

Need more sustainable luxuries? Oh, you know that skiingweaver can fulfill that desire! This particular handwoven scarf was made with beautiful bamboo fiber and would look marvelous around anyone's neck... the rest of her shop is filled with other lovelies made from bamboo, wool, and other sustainable materials. I just want to touch all of it - curse the Internet for not being more fiber-fondling-friendly!

Mill ends? Oh yes.
sarahbirdspins makes handspun yarn from recycled mill ends - wool that would otherwise have been discarded. It comes back to life under her capable hands into skeins of wook just begging to be made into pretty things or to be tucked into a package with some bamboo needles for an aspiring knitter. Sarah also makes handmade paper beads - perfect for embellishing your projects or even your holiday packages!

I think that this might become a regular installment - what do you think, dear readers? Let me know! Also, I welcome your recommendations for other eco-friendly Etsy shops that I should cover.
I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that if you're looking for organic bath and body goodies... ahem. Ahem. :D



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