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Thursday, April 05, 2007


It's the little things...

I've got products in not one but two treasuries at Etsy. For those who don't Etsy [whaaaaaat?!], treasuries are user-curated lists of items for sale on Etsy. They're often picked to represent a concept, or an artistic vision of colour or form... sometimes just because the user likes the items in question. I often make them about band lyrics or herbal things - surprise. ;)

It's really pleasing for me to find myself represented there twice, especially as sales have been a little slow for me. That's my fault, really. I haven't been promoting as much as I should, nor have I been listing new items as frequently as is needed to stay in the publics' eye. That's an Etsy trick - list early, list often. I've been sitting on that while I wait for some supplies to come in. One of the things I'm excited to get made and listed soon - COFFEE flavoured lip bliss! mmmmmmmmmm. I went out of my way to get coffee extract for that very reason.

My only question - what colour should I make it? :D

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Mmmm, make it kinda bronze with a golden barely there shimmer, for us blondes, ya know!
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