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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Tardy, Brouhaha, Things What Smell.

I missed posting ON Earth Day. I'd say that's a bit lame of me, considering my treehugger stance on pretty much everything - but I was instead actually enjoying the day instead of sitting on my wide butt blogging about it, so I feel okay. *grin*
What did I *do* for Earth Day?
Well, mostly I prepared for the Beltane Brouhaha, an event that I'm vending at this weekend.
I decanted vinegar and infused oils. I did inventory. [boooooring] I made a necklace. [photo forthcoming, hopefully] I added labels to packages. Oh! I also packed up a lot of orders to mail out. Thank you, lovely Etsy buyers, for making this weekend delightfully busy!

For those of you who are new to my blog and life, Etsy is how I do a majority of my business. And that's important, because this is my only job! To bring it back around, this is part of my commitment to the Earth - working a job doing something that helps to educate and support people in learning how to use natural products, things that don't pump chemicals and plastics back into the precious environment. Not to say that this industry is perfect - ask me about overharvesting, or how difficult it is to find pump bottles in glass or recycled plastics - but at least removing the often petroleum-based chemical crud from one's life is making a start. It's better for your skin and body, too!
One of the best things that anyone's ever said to me was something that my pal Melissa recently told me: you opened my eyes to the world of natural products. She changed her shopping to reject chemical cleaners, soaps, and cosmetics, especially ones tested on animals. I'm SO proud, and I'm really touched that I brought this awareness, just by what I do. Sometimes things like that really bring home the idea that you don't have to preach - just put your money where your mouth is. ;)

So that's my Earth Day piece, uncharacteristically late. I've got some more things to write about, but I'll save that for another entry. That's how I keep you coming back, you know!

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That picture is so pretty! I like to pretend that it is the herbal vinegar tonic that I love so much! May I take a moment to recommend it to ANYONE reading here? Great stuff!

Thanks, Xiane, for giving so much back to Mother Earth and so much to great skin and bodycare too! :)
Karen Beth, you are so sweet! *blush*

Funny you should mention the vinegar brewing, I have a photo of that from the same day! I'll post it so you can see why I posted the oil and herbs one instead. *grin* The herbs in oil really are pretty, aren't they? I love the orange peel floating in there with the rosemary.

... I might be obsessed with rosemary. It seems to be a theme lately!
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