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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


vinegar infusion

vinegar infusion
Originally uploaded by xiane threeravens.

Here's a look at what the Apple and Herb Vinegar looks like when it is steeping - posted just for Karen Beth!

... not quite as vibrant as the Beauty Way oil, but still good stuff. I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a vinegar addict!

Neato! I think it looks very pretty! I love seeing a pic of it steeping.

Now... what is the Beauty Way Oil? Do tell... :)
Remember the lovely oil you saw in the last photo? :)

It's organic apricot kernel and safflower oils, infused with organic rosemary, sage, rose, woodruff, orange peel, and vanilla. I add some organic lavender oil on top for a light top note. It's good for massage, moisturizing, or even wearing as a light body oil. I'm really loving making infused oils like this; they're so great for the skin in so many ways!
... want a sample? :D
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