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Monday, May 07, 2007


Beltane Brouhaha 2007

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This is a shot of one of the tables under the canopy that I shared with the quite excellent Mystic Artisans - you can see Myrddin in the corner, there - at Beltane Brouhaha. We were blessed with wonderful weather, sunny skies, and decent temperatures with just some strong breezes on Saturday to vex us.
Vending at a campsite like the one at King's Mountain is always fun! I camped in my Jeeple, brushed my teeth in a field amidst 7am morning mist and mud puddles, and danced under the moonlight with my feet bare and free.
The sales were good - I sold a lot of loose herbs, books, and clothing, as well as some of my products. I also talked to a lot of lovely people and made a great connection with Myrddin and his fiancee "Evil Twin" [Toni] that was cemented with lots of great talk and plotting to make some things happen in the local pagan crafter's scene. There are a lot of creative pagan people in the Carolinas, and we really want to get a support network for them going!
My endless thanks go out to Myrddin for the invite to vend and share space, Toni for the hard work, Miles for giving me a reprieve and allowing me to spend all my profits on goodies [hee!], and the Browns and NCPCOW for hosting the event and making a great time happen. Thank you SO much.


In other news, I'm learning to spin with a drop spindle, and it has been really fun and fulfilling! I took to it right away, and I'll have photos of my singles that I spun tonight, as well as the lovely spindle I purchased, in the morning. But for now - sleep!

Looks like you had a lovely time. Being out in nature is the BEST! I'm sure the weather in the Carolinas is beautiful right now. Glad you were able to participate. :)
Your setup looks great. I'm glad it went well for you!
Lovely blog - so lovely, I thought I'd TAG you :D

Check out my blog to see what this means!
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