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Saturday, May 19, 2007


skein spindle x

skein spindle x
Originally uploaded by xiane threeravens.

If you follow the Self Portrait Thursday posts on Flickr, you've seen this already, but for those of you who don't I wanted to share my excitement about my first finished skein of handspun!
The spindle came from the ever helpful castleman, who hand painted the celtic knotwork on the top of my spindle! It is a joy to use, because it is so pretty.
The roving was some that I purchased from The Flying Ewe, originally to needle felt. I had more than I'd ever enjoy felting, and plenty for a decent sized skein, so I decided to spin it. This was technically my second singles ever - the first was from the small bag of fiber that Rita of Castleman so kindly included in my order. The purple fiber is hand dyed and 85% wool/15% mohair. It feels lovely. I took the time to block it tonight, and although I overspun it, I think it will make a fun scarf or something else that I can wear and delight in as my first spinning project, complete.

I may be a dirty spinning addict.

OK, that's it! You've inspired to me to actually get a spindle! I had just bookmarked CastleMan's Etsy shop last week so I could go back and get supplies! I have been collecting fibers for quite awhile now, even though I don't spin or knit. I have a few boxes full! I'm just love the colors and the feel, especially of llama and alpaca! I'm such a fiber addict!
Tracy, you will LOVE spinning. It is really relaxing, and easier on the hands than knitting or crocheting, so you can get a lot out of it without feeling like your hands are broken afterward. [mine yet really tired from knitting for too long!]
I'm considering trying weaving with some of my yarn, too. I used to have a nice loom, but these days I'd have to manufacture one. It wouldn't be too difficult to make a simple one, and that's also really easy on the hands.

Please share photos and tales when you start up your spinning! I can't wait to see!
That is a very pretty spindle indeed.
it is so addicting!!!! i can't get enough of it!
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