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Friday, May 25, 2007


x and bencandance jewelry

Originally uploaded by xiane threeravens.

I buy a lot of things on Etsy - probably more than I should, considering that I'm a struggling entrepreneur, so to speak - but I really love the things I buy and that I'm helping to support other struggling entrepreneurs!
That being said, you'll be seeing my reviews of the wonderful things on which I spend my hard-earned cash, at least from time to time. Today is the first, and I'd like to point you to BenCanDance, a clever artist with nimble fingers, especially when it comes to polymer clay. Whimsical, fun, insightful, or silly - there's something there for you. I was lucky enough to find a COFFEE pendant that I snatched up, and ended up with a delightful butterscotch pudding box pendant as well!

Obiviously, you should pop right over there and check it out. :)

groovy necklace!
I was doing a search of my shop name for blog mentions and found yours! Thanks so much for the nice mention.

You rock!!!! :)
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