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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


So this is where I'll be this weekend, meeting and greeting the Etsy folk who have made it out to celebrate the Birth Of Etsy! I hope to see many of you there - it's my first trip to Etsy Labs! Also, I'll be checking out the Renegade Craft Fair, also in Brooklyn. LOTS of awesome sellers will be there, and I hope to come away with much booty and also some new friendships. Rarrr!

It will also be Rob's first time to NYC, and oooooh are we excited! I'm an old hand at navigating the Big Apple, but there's always new things to try and see. We'll be staying at the New Yorker Hotel in Midtown, and using the subway an awful lot, I think.

SO exciting!

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I hope you do well at the Renegade Craft Fair. Best wishes.
Well I'm jealous! Take pictures and share please :)
Wow, have fun!
So, how was it? How was it being an Etsy Renegade? :0) I watched the party in the chat room, slung virtual beers at Jared,and sang "happy birthday" too, but it looked so much more fun to actually have been there!
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