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Friday, June 22, 2007


Thank you, New York!

Thank you, New York!
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It took me all week to get around to blogging about my trip to NYC, how lame is that? I'm a slacker.

Honestly, the week has been a huge attempt to get back to reality, and also to get my feet to stop swelling. We did SO much walking, my feet protested heartily!
Where did we walk to, you ask? Well, with the help of the subway system, we made [many] appearances at ETSY LABS [yay] and Renegade Craft Fair [where we bought lots of swag, and then were stormed on by angry Brooklyn skies] - and we met LOTS of wonderful Etsy people, to the point where it's surprising that I can remember all the names, but they are all such vibrant personalities that there's no way that I can forget them! We ate tons of delicious food, drank too much coffee, stayed up too late, and spent too much money on cute things. Wheee!
I'll post a couple of other photos with some other tales from our trip in a bit. You can also come check out my album of photos here.

The Etsy Labs AND the Renegade Craft Fair?! Awesome :)
WHAA! I'm jealous... its time to have Etse Labs and such Craft Fair's overhere in Europe..

Looking forward to our trade!
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