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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Xiane @ Rockabilly BBQ, June 2nd, Charlotte NC

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Vending with Snitches Get Stitches and our team effort, Coffin Color Mineral Eyeshadow - sure does seem like my table got colourful for this event! ;)
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So this weekend was yet another learning experience in vending.
Honestly, I didn't expect to sell anything of my own, hence the scanty table setup of my products, and the highlighting of the Coffin Colors products. This was also our opportunity to debut our eyeshadows to a crowd and see the reactions of the shoppers. I'm here to tell you that it was a ROARING success, and I'm SO thrilled that people seemed to really like them!

Melissa and I had a blast anyway, and I think she ended up doing very well. I managed to get the flax-filled eyepillows and a new shower gel ready in time, as well as two new Lip Bliss Lip Balms - strawberry and coffee! Here's hoping that some of those sell on Etsy soon, as I need seed money for other things. [meeple!]

In other news, I got TWO NEW ORDERS OF FIBER in [YAY] from the ever-fabulous
I'm currently working on a green and burgundy selection - I'll put up photos when I have a chance. I'm spinning this one up in a thinner version than the Monster Mash - the plan is for now to ply it, but we'll see how I feel as I get farther into the spinning.

Man. I really really need to update my website. O_o Procrastination, thy name is Xiane.

Is CoffinColor going to stay at 13 colors because it's a cool number, or are we lucky potential buyers going to see expansion? :D
Congratulations! I'm so glad it was a success :)
Thanks for introducing these sellers, I didn't know about Coffin Color...Love the Dead Flesh Green and Poison Purple! I'm not a rockstar though...Are herbal virtuosos welcome?
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