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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


You might notice a few changes...

I'm looking for feedback here, faithful and friendly readers, and let me tell you why!

I was lucky enough to participate in the online portion of the Global Microbrand: Using the Web to Stay Small whilst Selling all over the World workshop given by Antonio Gould and hosted by Etsy Labs. Why do I mention this? Well, I was even luckier - my shop and business was chosen to be the example for demonstrating what I can improve, and what I'm doing right, in regards to my Microbrand. I learned quite the armful of useful tips, and found that although I'm doing some things right, there is *always* room for improvement.
My first plan of attack? Well, it is actually something I've had in the back of my head for a while, but I'd been dragging my feet over. You see, if you know anything about me, you know that I wear all black most of the time, and I adore purple and red. However, no matter what I prefer on my body, black was doing me no favours as a background color for my websites. I have some problems reading black text on a white background, as I feel it to be too bright for my eyes - but people have complained that the bright text on a dark background wasn't working for them. That was a very important fact to have driven home tonight, and I've responded by changing my template here. Where do you come in? I need you to let me know what you think! I absolutely can't abide looking at a white background, it gives me headaches... so this was a compromise. Can my dear readers deal with it?

Just as an aside: I feel so lucky. I can't stress that enough. I am privileged to have access to a wonderful site where I can sell my wares AND that offers invaluable information for *free* - and they go out of their way to create selling opportunities like the trunk shows, too! I intend to take advantage of all of these gifts and thank them by bringing as much business back to Etsy as I can. I love that we all win this way!

Just to reassure you, as I sign off for the evening: I will be redoing my website, too. It suffers from the same curse - black-background-itis. That needs to change!

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I am not a fan of pink however I do like reading text on a light background rather than black.
Thanks, Cozy! I changed to a green; does that look any better to you?
I wasn't really a fan of the pink either, but they don't have a purple, which is my usual motif. ;)
Thank you, thank you! I am one of those people that finds reading text on a black background difficult. Perhaps it's my over-40 eyes? I do like the way black shows off product images, but I think that the green is doing a great job!
I'll have to go check out the blog on Etsy about that workshop.
thanks for sharing!
Xiane, if you don't like the white background you can customize the color...maybe some off white, light grey or a or a very light green? I had some fun choosing and combining colors for my blog ;), I'm sure you'll find the right balance between something that you like and something pleasing to your readers/customers.

I don't like too much contrast either, it hurts my eyes (same thing for watching TV in semi darkness).
Hey Xiane,

Thanks for the post - and glad you enjoyed the talk!

I had a great time and am really hoping to go back to NY soon. I'll subscribe to the blog and keep myself posted on what you're up to!
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