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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Dear USPS, stop toying with me.

I want to break up with you, but you're the only cost-efficient game in town. You tease and you taunt - one moment you are cheap. The next, you invoke arcane guidelines of conduct and throw my known world into a tizzy. Worst of all, you've become inconsistent in delivery. Most days my packages reach their destination, but occasionally you throw them back at me like I'd bought you cheap perfume.

This is hurting me in the wallet and the heart. Please be gentle with me, we've been together for so long! Remember the days when I would visit you every night, hopefully staring into the darkness of my PO Box for signs of a visit from you? Let's recapture that. I'm willing to start over if you are - just please don't make my packages suffer any more because of our poor relationship.

Your long-time, frustrated girl,

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I completely feel your pain!
LOL I feel your pain too!
*giggling* I love this entry...I have to show it to my mother.

note: my mother works for USPS and she complains about it more than the people who use it
They recently lost not one but TWO Etsy purchases I have placed so I feel your pain.
Love this one!
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