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Saturday, August 11, 2007


You can't save them all, but that's no reason not to try.

It's true, I can't save all the stray animals, nor all the abandoned or abused ones in the world. I can't even do it in my own city.
That doesn't mean that I can't help.

I had been putting off making this commitment until was more financially solvent, more established. But you know what? Looking at the photos of the sweet puppies currently being fostered by, and the sweet face of my wonderful and loving Squeegee Cat, I know that it's time. I can't afford not to do this, because my heart won't let me behave otherwise.

This is to let everyone know that not only can I do this, but you can too. I'm going to be donating 10% of every sale from to the Cleveland County Humane Society. They are a fantastic group of animal lovers, and their shelter is no-kill. It's where I found Squeegee, and I can testify that these folk take excellent care of their charges. They are particularly good to cats, which are treated rather shabbily in my area. [people in the Carolinas seem to favour dogs. Black cats are treated the worst of all.]

My message today doesn't stop there. If you love animals, you can help in your area! Not everyone can foster or even adopt an animal, but that doesn't mean that you can't stop in and spend time with them. Even small contributions can help, too. To find the shelters in your area, take a look at To help feed animals every day with one simple click, go to

Thank you for reading this. Please take some time today to hug your pet for me, if you have one. I'm a big softie, and I love them all.

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Yeah! Way to go. A topic that is dear to my heart. All four of my babies are rescues. I was looking at petfinder a couple of nights ago, and I noticed that they have a widget you can put on your blog/site, to promote the animals at your local shelter. I hope you sell a million, so your local shelter can get some big dough.
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