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Sunday, September 30, 2007


Set up from Something Simple Trunk Show

Set up from Something Simple
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I was a part of the Something Simple Trunk Show in Fort Mill, SC, on Saturday. It was a different sort of event from the types I've vended before - more mainstream-oriented artists [kinda neat to be included!], and in a barn at a really cool park. We even got to see people riding horses there!
The barn was an interesting venue, rather appealing once we had our tables set up. Oh, and they provided many many tables and chairs, so all I had to bring was my wares and tablecloths! What a lovely thing.

The show was unfortunately slow, due in part to recent changes in the area - new subdivisions and streets led to some chaos - and in part to competition from some other local arts-oriented events. No matter; I sold a few things, enjoyed the atmosphere, talked to pleasant customers and vendors, and generally had a nice day.

It did kick me in the rump about having enough stock for the upcoming Crafting Patch Market, though! I've been down for the count lately with a lovely bout of bronchitis that I came home with from the EGCG Trunk Show at EtsyLabs, and I've been neglecting building stock because I've just felt weak and useless. Now that I'm starting to feel like myself again, I can see where I need to get on the ball and catch back up. Ugh.

So between now and Oct 13th, I need to make more of all my Lip Bliss balms - including bringing back the almighty CLOVE one! - as well as more sugar scrubs, massage oils, eye pillows, and Apple and Herb vinegar. [my surprising best-seller!] That's not even including the needle felted items I'd love to have, and handspun if I'm lucky. [ha!] Riiiiight, Xiane. Riiiiight.

Good Luck with your next show!
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