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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


TAG you're it!

I was tagged by EarthCharms!

Here’s the deal: I get to tell you 6 random things about myself, and then in turn, tag 6 others to do the same. This vicious cycle continues forever. Here we go!

1. If there are three things on my plate, they CAN NOT be eaten together. No mixing of the peas and the mashed potatoes, no no no. However, if the food is a mix of things, like a salad or a stew, I must combine bites into the tastiest possible. Also, I have a eating hierarchy: the best food item first, then the entree, then second best item. Yes, I'm weird.

2. I hate pie.

3. When I was wee, my grandmother would often babysit me by taking me to work with her. She worked as a paging operator at Johns Hopkins Hospital, so I spent a lot of time "helping" her page doctors and running around the tunnels there.

4. I read so fast that I couldn't get an accurate measurement from the reading speed and comprehension test that the school administered. That plays hell on my literary budget, let me tell you. I'm always buying books!

5. I randomly hitchhiked to NYC from Baltimore with my friend Shawn when I was 20. We got almost no rides, so we ended up walking a HUGE portion of the trip, and then all over Manhattan. When I got home, my feet had blisters all over them and I hobbled around for a week.

6. I first sang solo in public with my "Folk Rock" class in high school. It was a class that basically taught music theory while also teaching you how to be in a rock band. It was effin' awesome, and I credit my teacher Mr. Huber with instilling in me the idea that I really could be a musical performer if I wanted to - something that served me very well with The Violet Dawning!

There's my random info. In turn, I'll tag:

Ninja Fetus
Sara GirlsCanTell
Karen Zazazu
Carla Supastarr [if she has time!]
Tracy SummerSea
Dori Faerwear

Looking forward to seeing what other random facts are revealed!

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