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Monday, October 22, 2007


electric forest closeup from top

electric forest closeup from top
Originally uploaded by xiane threeravens.

Another fun fun yarn - this one is all shades of green and teal blended with burgundy/purple. This is burgundy and green rambouillet wool from that I spun almost in one night. It is lovely and soft!
I think that after this, I'll begin to list my yarn on etsy. What do you all think? I think it is good enough! And for me to say that - well, I'm pretty confident in my skills now. I think I was born to spin. I took to it so easily! Plus, it relaxes me, and if you know me then you know I need that. Ha!

I think you should list it, Xiane! it's so pretty!
I'm going to try my hand at spinning someday.
hi xiane, just wanted to say 'hi' :o)
i took the handmade pledge - it's a great idea!
and the yarn is beautiful!!
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