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Sunday, January 20, 2008


"Where have you been?"

Hi there, internet. *waves*

I'm sorry that I've been terribly, horribly quiet over here. It isn't you, it's me. Seriously.
The holidays kicked my booty in the best of ways. That was a mixed bag of good for my business/bad for maintaining blogs/connections/friendships - luckily, everyone's so understanding in my life, I've been able to win forgiveness. :)

Also, I discovered that the reason I've been so run-down feeling lately is more legitimate than I'd realized, when I got a bloodwork test confirming that I have an iron count of FOUR. Anemic? You betcha. This explained SO much about my lethargy, forgetfulness/lack of concentration, brittle nails, overall weakness. I'm working toward getting that repaired, with vegetarian sources of iron and a hefty supplement that contains two kinds of iron, vitamin C and Ester-C, and B12. Yay! Huge horse pills! I added that to my regimen of meds that I'm taking to help me breathe better. I feel like an old lady with all these pills.

Now that I'm getting better, look for more updates. It's really hard to post new products or photos when I don't wake up early enough to take photos in daylight! O_o

I've missed you, internet. I hope you've been well!

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