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Saturday, March 22, 2008


earth day 2008 countdown!

earth day 2008 countdown!
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On April 22nd, Earth Day will be here again - a time to pay respects to where we live, the still green - yet suffering - planet that sustains us. I'm using this time before Earth Day to stage a countdown with a purpose - during this time I'll post some thoughts, advice, tips, or experiences about living a greener lifestyle in the most economical and practical of ways. This is the way that I strive to live, so I promise that my tips and suggestions will be things you can definitely accomplish in your own life!

I welcome comments and suggestions!

Today's kickoff tip: what do dingy copper-bottomed pots and cutting boards have in common? Both can easily be cleaned with the simple combo of salt and lemons!
To get your copper pots shining again, squeeze lemon juice on them, then add salt and scrub lightly. Your copper will come to life!
To clean and freshen your cutting boards, use a lemon half and some kosher salt to scrub lightly. Stains and smells will vanish and your kitchen will smell great, too!
While I'm talking about cutting boards, I should mention that my recommended cutting board material is bamboo - light, easy to take care of, and sustainable. A little oil will keep it in shape for a very long time.
I'll have some more posts about the amazing power of lemons further along in this series! Stay tuned to this blog for more!

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