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Sunday, March 23, 2008


Earth Day Countdown: post #2 - Conveniently wasteful?

Convenience items at the grocery store urge us to buy their products, designed to be used then tossed, so that we can make our lives oh-so-much easier - AND keep giving them money, of course.
Better to pay for something handcrafted and reusable!

These reusable "Swiffer-style" dry cloths are AWESOME. QuiltingMama makes these cloths from easily washable flannel - you get four in this listing for a reasonable price, and you can remove all the dust from your house without guilt. There are several other Etsy sellers who make different swiffer covers, too - check out littlebigmamma for reusable Wet Jet covers made from crocheted cotton!

Boxwoodgoods has my next suggestion elegantly and ecologically covered! Made from 100% organic flax and cleverly stamped to reveal the material used, these are a fantastic way for you and your family to wean yourselves from paper towels or paper napkins. These are also suitable as a housewarming, hostess, or wedding gift - no matter if your recipient is eco-friendly or not, they can't help to be charmed by these adorable and affordable linen napkins.
The same shop also offers cocktail napkins - and both sorts of napkins are currently available in flax or hemp/soy.

In this same spirit, using cloth towels in your kitchen is recommended, as well as washcloths - please consider that every disposable item you purchase has to end up somewhere... and that's most likely in the dump. Cloth dishtowels, napkins, and dusters will last a very long time and save you tons of money, too - so what's not to love?

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I need to get me a flucket from box wood goods! Awesomeness. I'd put it on my feet right now!
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