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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Dealing With Dandelions... for Dinner! - LIME

Dealing With Dandelions... for Dinner! - LIME

This is a nice, short article about my favourite foraged food: DANDELIONS! How eco-friendly is that - eating the weeds! :)


My favourite way to prepare them is to sauté young greens in a small bit of olive oil and veggie broth, with onions, garlic, and cooked black eyed peas or navy beans. [mushrooms are good here, too.] Finish off with some apple cider vinegar to taste, and a touch of salt and pepper - mmmmmmm.

I like my dandy greens better raw than cooked, and usually mixed with other greens.
I recently made a nourishing dandy leaf vinegar that I really enjoy (reminds me that I should make some more) that I sprinkle on salads or even pasta.
But I like to make a "cider tea" out of it (I call it my elixir): 1 tsp infused vinegar, 1 tsp honey and 1/2 mug worth of boiling water. I drink this concoction once or twice a day about a half hour before a meal. It helps break down fats, improves digestion and I believe it increases the absorption of nutrients.
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