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Monday, June 02, 2008


Ecover Responds to the Organic Consumers Association 1,4 Dioxane Test and TH Post : TreeHugger

Ecover Responds to the Organic Consumers Association 1,4 Dioxane Test and TH Post : TreeHugger

Remember the big stink over the finding that many green cleansers have levels of 1,4 dioxane in them? Treehugger passed along a breaking story, and the response from readers was mixed. One of the companies named, Ecover, takes a moment to respond and Treehugger passes along this response.

I read the tree hugger article and saw the feed back from Ecover. I do applaud and also 7th generation. They are both great companies and on the forefront of bringing cleaner greener products to the marketplace.

This is a direct quote from Ecover on the TreeHugger article:

"There is a reason those products (and others) did not surface in this test performed by the Organic Consumers – they do not make a dish soap! The necessary ingredients to make an effective dish soap versus an all purpose cleaner are completely different."

yes that may be true and yes it may be true that Dr. Bronner does not make dish soap.

I do know of a dishsoap that does not involve the creation of dioxane and is based on the principles of green chemistry.

to learn more, open this PDF file:

and read more about this dishwashing product, designed with green chemistry principles that does not create 1, 4 dioxiane here:

MiEnviron Biodegradable Dishwashing Detergent:

this is the next step beyond Ecover and 7th Generation.

And yes it does cost more, because the quality of the ingredients are higher.
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